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Berysoft Edigear editorial system

Edigear is a fully loaded and customizable editorial system for newly established newspapers or for others looking to optimize their story production life cycle. Equipped with a very friendly interface, Edigear gears up all departments and editors with a secure online access, making it hard to call in sick.

Edigear’s features offer more than remote access, it gathers online newswires and photo feeds from subscribed agencies and delivers it back to editors through a full text search engine making things easier and faster. Upon choosing a feed, it is as easy as clicking ‘create story’ to open up a built in customizable word processor for press articles.

Following up a story or a page layout? Edigear provides a wide set of reports and views to save you the walk tying up all departments with one screen saving time on story creation, editing, reviewing and delivering.

Stories module features

  • Create story (blank or based on syndication news)
  • Edit story
  • Activate from held stories archive
  • Workflow status (Editing, Proofing, Production, etc...)
  • Edition no/date allocation
  • Section allocation
  • Attach photos and related text
  • Assign excerpt paragraph
  • Assign editor-choice paragraph

  • Assign Credit/Byline/E-mail
  • Assign inline headlines and quotes
  • Print and Preview
  • Interchange based on given privileges (Send to)
    • Desk editor
    • Proofing
    • Production
    • Editor
    • Etc...